Monday, November 28, 2011

Talon Journal Entry for 9-30-11

Our group agrees to head to planet Talus and we face no trouble on our journey there. Our ship needs some work and I pay for a new transponder since it's very old. We load up on some new consumables, fuel and pay for a tune-up and overhaul. Everyone decides to wander around town and the Zabrak happens to encounter an Inquisitor (not to mention the fact that he also hands the inquisitor his license!). Sometime later we meet up at a local bar and soon call it a night. In the morning I find a copy of our death report and the Zabrak's license knifed to the inside of my hotel room door. Also, for unknown reasons our food stores have been replenished completely. The head mechanic tells us that he doesn't know who did it but 6 of his mechanics have gone missing and our transponder will be free if we can find out what happened to them.

We investigate their apartment complex and knock on the doors. When we knock on the third one, we're invited in. There stands three Imperial officers, six severed heads and a bunch of snacks at a table. The officers are looking for three missing pilots (who happen to be us) and are willing to make a deal. We're to kill the inquisitor and they'll overlook our meeting, which we agree to the terms.

Following a lead we head to a warehouse and find someone tied to a chair in the center, the warehouse is empty. We let him go and as he's running out the door the poor soul gets decapitated. We battle two dark jedi and get our asses handed to us. After a short conversation with them we both determine that we're being played. The sound of troops can be heard outside so we flee into a service tunnel and escape. We carefully make our way back to the ship which is ready to go. Without further incident we depart from the Talus.

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