Monday, April 16, 2012

Talon Journal Entry for 3-30-12

We head back to the ISD Verdè and dock after an uneventful jump. Needing a break I leave the group in search of a drink while Kal speaks with Cyan and gets her to set up a Council meeting with three other ship captains. He's led into a room that has a console with three screens on it. Kal takes ten and activates the computer. Each screen displays a different captain, the first goes by the name Darth Blaze, she's wearing some sort of advanced Mandalorian armor. The second captain we've already met, a Hutt who goes by the name of Zanta. The third is a human female who goes by the name Knight Maryn.

Kal basically lays out what we're trying to accomplish, assembling a massive fleet to engage and defeat the prophet's forces. Immediately the Hutt show's it's true colors, being rude to poor Kal. Maryn is much more diplomatic and Blaze wants credentials before she'll commit any forces. Kal depicts our exploits and space battles but the captains disbelieve him. It also doesn't help that everyone in this world considers non-force users as dogs or less.

Zanta states that it will consider join forces with us if Sigma were to be apart of the fleet. Blaze isn't convinced that they're in any great danger so Kal has Thane give her the coordinates of the Prophet to verify for herself. The meeting is adjourned.

Later, we speak with Cyan who tells us that Sigma's ship will be docking in a week (which we wait). I seek out Phi and apologize about the mishap with Mendo. I also set up a meeting with Sigma, Tau and herself. A while later we all meet in the conference room in our ship. I take charge of the meeting and lay out our objectives and goals on the table. Kal talks a little bit about his meeting and how that went. Tau seems very upset about Kal giving Blaze the coordinates of the Prophet. He looks a Sigma and Phi and says "you know my decision" and leaves. More discussion goes on and Sigma states that Zanta will be able to create an effective fighter screen against the Prophet's forces. She also states that we're out gunned and outnumbered 2 to 1. She will consider leading our fleet if we can acquire more capital ships (at least seven). With that, the meeting is adjourned.

We jump back to Frost's SSD. In the hanger bay Frost greets us once again. This time he has a curious looking sword across his back. Some discussion goes on and he says that he will send us back in time if we give him control of the fleet. He will also ensure Zanta's participation in the battle. We consider the offer and depart, heading to Narsis.

He meets us in the docking bay and has made a decision. He's come to the conclusion that the evil lightsaber I left in his care doesn't prove that there's any Sith left. In fact, the saber is no longer in his possession since Frost was able to locate his ship and reclaim it. I have reason to believe that Frost had a little chat with our captain here and convinced him to stay out of this conflict. Narsis tells us otherwise, he says that he was going to join forces with us until he had a vision, a bad and scary vision. Ooooo, scary! He also believes that we're following a fool's errand. Which I believe is true if we side with Frost, I'm very sure he's not looking out for our best interests.

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