Saturday, April 7, 2012

NPC Spotlight: Master Grod

And now in this corner the master of pain, one of the strongest hand to hand combatants alive, and pretty tough with force powers. Master Grod, the Wookiee master of the force.

Grod was raised on a scythe class-battle cruiser and trained in the force to assume command. While his people have changed, he is still extremely fixated with honor and keeping his word. Some claim this is his only weakness, others claim that it's his greatest strength.
He stands nearly nine feet tall, with red brown fur. In combat he's every bit of a power house as his size would suggest, using the force to enhance his natural raging ability. He's also adept at other powers having been observed using Lightning, Pyrokinesis and Ballistikinisis.
In singles combat he has defeated Talon and Thane. He has won the diplomatic vessel from the crew and sold it back to them. His ship has been seen to be inhabited by several Jawa doing the recovery work on won vessels.
He's known to have lost to Mendo. 
He is assisted by his agent and apprentice, Learner Gaarl.

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