Saturday, April 28, 2012

NPC Spotlight: Dog Officer Ruff

This week we take a bit of a different direction and will explore the personality and quirks of one of the few people to stand out in this universe despite not being trained in the force.

Ruff originally took his name as a show of obedience to his master, Darth Mendo. He has worked extremely hard to be one of the best at what he does and takes his job seriously. This has made him Mendo's favorite and has quickly made him one of the toughest Dogs around. Ruff in turn follows orders without regard to his own safety.

Physically the man is battered and scared. Years of fighting have left him beaten inside his shell. When he wears his armor (which is almost always) no one would know however. His armor is a modified mix between mandalorian and storm trooper armors, white with red trim. He has shown himself capable in combat, battling Kal in one on one combat and winning. The fight was close, but Ruff refuses to lose.
Most people find him rather dull in comparison to Mendo and many wonder how the two came to be so close. Now Ruff proves himself as to why Mendo would want to keep him around every day. His duties include overseeing the workers on repair projects, making sure trades are done and paid for, as well as making sure just about any labor work gets done.

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