Saturday, April 21, 2012

NPC Spotlight: Darth Blaze

A mystery figure, as little is known about her. There is even question as to whether she's still alive or not currently. However there is a lot to her, and dead or alive, she is still important to the future of some ships.

Darth Blaze is a bloodhound and captain for the ISD Flaming Dawn. She is a human with blonde hair, but that is usually covered by her Mandalorian inspired armor, black with orange trim. She also wears a red cloak often to offset the armor in polite company.
They say she was named Blaze to compliment her temper. She is often getting angry and upset at the slightest things, often when she cannot do something. However, when Blaze puts her mind to it, she always places her passion into what she does and becomes a bit of a perfectionist.
Despite how tough she can be to deal with though, she is fiercely protective of her friends and family.  When she was an apprentice she often was made to help out her master's friend Sigma, a punishment for her hot temper. This however made her very close to one of Sigma's own apprentices, Jedi Tau. This friendship has worked well for them, as Tau is very different from Sigma and Phi, but much more like Blaze.

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