Monday, April 2, 2012

Talon Journal Entry for 3-16-12

Thane finally realizes that he's missing his lightsaber and asks me about it. I tell him to talk with Kal on that one. Kal makes a fuss about it but finally returns the weapon. We decide to recruit Darth Fae so we plot a course and jump back to her fleet. Upon arrival I ask for and audience with her and my request is granted after three hours. We're met by her apprentice who leads us to an audience chamber. Fae is there along with several robed figures who silhouette both sides of the chamber, cloaked by shadow. I waste no time and get to point of asking her to join our fight against the prophet. She accepts and I am very pleased. I also ask her about other 'Jedi' who might be willing to join our cause and she mentions Grod. Much thanks is given and we set off for another mid-range blip.

Upon exiting a safe hyperspace jump we see a Star Destroyer that has had it's front rebuilt into a massive docking area. We're also met by several fighters that order us to power down so our ship can be brought in by tractor beam to the 'ISD Verdè'. Upon docking we're met by several soldiers wearing storm trooper armor. We wait a moment as the fighters land and we're met by a pinkish skinned women with lime green hair who goes by the name of Darth Cyan. I ask her to consider joining our fight against the Prophet. She's very reluctant and will consider joining us if we can put together a strong enough fleet to handle Xai.

During the conversation she senses another force presence approaching and offers us drinks while we wait. An hour later Cyan is met by what looks like another of her kind, only he has black hair. He introduces himself as Darth Mendo and we have a casual chat with the fellow. Mendo agrees to join our fight if we entertain him and after some discussion Kal agrees to fight against one of Mendo's dogs. We're given food and lodgings for the evening and retire. The next morning there is a lot of commotion as a cage is set up for the fight. Many more ships docked during the evening as multitudes of people have come to enjoy the 'dog fight'. Mendo is very confident that his dog, 'Officer Ruff', will win the battle. I counter his boasting by acknowledging my confidence in our dog, Kal.

Thane and I are offered ringside seats as both 'dogs' prepare themselves for battle. We also learn that a lot of people have been placing bets that Kal will be the victor. They enter the ring and some kind of shielding is raised so they're both oblivious to the crowd. Ruff is wearing an updated version of Mandalorian armor colored white with red trim. He's armed with a vicious looking flechette launcher and two blaster gauntlets. This might not go well...

Ruff stands there and with fearless badass-ness, taunts Kal. In return our dog fires a shot only to graze the white mando. From that point on devastating shots are exchanged and then Ruff busts out with the flechette launcher. Kal gets hit hard and fires back hitting Ruff in the face! Ruff stops playing around and drops Kal with his next attack. Attendants move in and roll Kal out of the cage, ha ha. Mendo is disappointed that Kal survived the whole ordeal.

Because of the betting Cyan has made a lot of scrap and offers us five tons, instead, we trade our five along with what she was going to give us for a mining laser. With that deal settled I talk with Mendo who is still not entertained. He's interested in owning another lightsaber so I offer up my lightfoil. The offer is accepted but I'm still interested in fighting Mendo in a duel. He points out two women by the bar, the dark haired one goes by the name of Master Sigma and the blonde is called Phi. Mendo cheerfully states that if I lose I have to ask Phi out, I have a bad feeling about this.

The stage is set once again except that real men, not dogs, are fighting. Mendo rushes forward and strikes me with a vicious lightsaber attack! I counter with a force slam attack that he feels. After a few more exchanges I grip his throat with the force, he counters in kind and the battle is over with. Medics quickly rush out and treat my injuries and after a couple hours of rest I meet Mendo back at the bar. Per our agreement I march up to Phi and ask her out. To my relief she give me two options, flee or death, so I choose the first option! To my disbelief Kal walks up and tries to casually chat with them, now they're more irritated. Kal comes back with his ears back and we make casual conversation with Mendo.

It seems that his favorite pastime is petitioning guys to hit on Phi, no wonder she's pissy. We learn that he's defeated Graud on a few occasions and has even poisoned the wookie to stack odds in his favor. Mendo also does a lot of repair work and seems to have much influence. His ship is a modified ISD and he's interested in making it into a dual configuration, we tell him that we'll keep an eye out for a spare. Later, Kal and Thane look at our ship and come to the conclusion that they cannot install the mining laser without help. We go back to Mendo who agrees to install it, he will have to take out the laser battery and the process will have us docked for one month.

*note: Kall's name is actually spelled Kal X).

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