Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Game-A-Week: Iron Heroes

 This next game is one that has always interested me. A low magic version of Dungeons and Dragons. Instead of magic we get different options for martial characters and a single magic using class.

Iron Heroes (Low Fantasy)- Based on the Dungeons and Dragons 3.5 rules, Monte Cook (major player in the 3rd and 3.5 rules) helped to produce the Iron Heroes game. This game is a martial tribute to Conan. Magic is rare and dangerous, but there are tons of options for combat to make up for it.
Campaign: Players will avenge the deaths of their families and destroy the evil snake cult (i.e. TBA).

 The system is designed to get players going with their imaginations. To really get into the feel of what their characters represent. Armor is now made to protect you from damage than making you harder to hit.
The idea is basically the same as Arcana Evolved but the opposite. Arcana evolved is a high magic setting that really takes things to a new level, where-as Iron Heroes is low magic setting (that brings THAT to a new level).
I think my players would love this seeing as how the few that enjoy magic characters also tend to like risky characters (which is the magic in this game as well as others like Dark Heresy).
The PDF is on Drive Thru RPG for a mere $9. 

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