Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Game-A-Week: Starship Troopers

This week we're hitting up an interesting game with a book, several movies and a CGI series based off of it.

None of the sources really agree on what the setting is, but combining all of the settings makes it pretty cool. That's how they went about making the RPG.

Starship Troopers (Hard S.F.)- Perfect example of a militaristic fascist society. To be a citizen you must serve in the military, and the average people only qualify for grunt duty. That's you, the mobile Infantry. Anyone can die, but only you can be a hero. Parallel the actions of Juan “Johnnie” Rico and work your way from loser to hero, from borderline washout enlistee to officer. Based on a compromise of the novel, the movies and the animated series.
Campaign: Lots of combat as you battle the bugs on your way to becoming a hero.

Basically we get to be military recruits and work our way up to heroes by battling never ending waves of bugs and other aliens. A pretty simple concept with a lot of action. Looking over the character options, it looks like something that would be cool to experience. Not really my choice type of setting for role playing talking encounters, most of this will go to the combat action.
There's also a miniatures game to go along with this, of which I have a lot of miniatures.

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