Friday, April 13, 2012

100 Posts

This is our 99th post. A milestone has been reached and a pointless achievement has been gotten.

We're doing pretty well here. We get our posts out on time. We went from three posts a week to two posts a week and now are up to four posts a week.  Honestly, I wasn't sure we could do it.
The good news is that I get a lot of satisfaction out of reading the journal entries and I get a lot of my thoughts about the game on paper that normally I wouldn't. The addition of an NPC spotlight is great for me since it helps flesh out the background characters we run into a lot. I can actually think of a game this would have been very helpful with a few years back. Mostly because we've run three or four campaigns in the setting and the characters, locations and family lines were usually important.
The blog is definitely a keeper, and hopefully when we get some money to help the group I can get a web host and we can add a wiki for my players too.

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