Saturday, April 14, 2012

NPC Spotlight: Knight Kyla

Today's entry is more of a bit character so far, but will hopefully have more use in the future.

Knight Kyla is the apprentice of Darth Fae. She has been training in the way of the Jedi under Fae for many years aboard their Imperial Star Destroyer, The Pander.
Kyla is an average sized human female with silver hair and blue eyes. She is almost constantly training as Fae attends to the day to day duties of the ship. Unfortunately this means she often feels unprepared to command a ship if the need arises, but Fae has always taken care of it. Whether or not Fae plans on letting Kyla take her place one day is still unknown. Rumors exist that Kyla may become a Force Hound for the ship one day and Fae will train another Jedi for becoming the captain of the ship.
In terms of personality she is quiet and reserved, tending to avoid the rest of the ship to remain in her training room. Fae is one of the few people she's opened, as well as Knight Talon. When it comes down to it however, she is likely to win in a fight and is perhaps being held down in rank in order for Fae to maintain a higher standing over Kyla.
She is in the unique position on her ship in that she is also fairly skilled as a Force Healer, and has learned abilities from her holocrons that have mostly been lost to the current age.

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