Friday, April 6, 2012

Act II

We're almost to Act II. We've been getting ready by earning experience and getting new ships to aid in the fight. However we have a bit of a struggle as we're learning that despite a lot of people willing to help, not many people will jump into a fight for no reason.
We also have the fact there seem to be multiple factions at work here. That and the more powerful an individual is, the less likely they are to actually want to help. Fortunately there is one powerful jedi that will help, but at a cost. The most obvious cost is the people that refuse to work with him, or the people that will refuse to work under him and of course the people that refuse to work without someone at the helm.
Intergalactic drama when dealing with the most powerful people alive and trying to get them to all play nice together to go into a battle with a force most of them don't particularly believe in. Also one that they're sent at least one captain to her death by telling her "go there and see" "but if you're telling the truth, you're telling me to go get killed" "yeah, so don't go there, but here's where to go and see"
 Slowly we're getting our galactic readiness up and hopefully the plot twists up ahead don't spin the heads of the group too much.

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