Monday, April 9, 2012

Talon Journal Entry for 3-23-12

After a while the mining laser is complete and we're anxious to try it out. We jump to the asteroid belt that was found a little while ago. Upon exiting hyperspace we pick up visual scanning and still see many smaller ships harvesting the asteroids. Kal engages the thrusters and as soon as we move forward a few of the other ships break off and assume an intercept course. Kal switches on comms and hails them to be met by a gamorrean. The conversation is short and goes as well as it can with a gamorrean, it then transfers our channel over to another ship. There's some static on the screen and then a Hutt, great. Since Hutts only speak their native language Kal requests a translator. The Hutt pulls a guy in front of the screen, laughs and then spaces the guy! We request permission to mine offering a good split of what we find and the Hutt laughs as his ships move into attack formation. We take the hint and Hyperspace out of there.

We jump to a random blip and discover a five Star Destroyers that have been merged into a pentagon shape. A comms officer by the name of RX171 appears on screen wearing full stormtrooper armor. A brief conversation reveals that they're willing to trade scrap and ore but don't do much of their own exploring.

We jump to another random blip and find a Super Star Destroyer that's in good shape. A middle-aged bearded fellow appears on the comms. The conversation is short as the bearded man challenges Kal to a game of questions and quickly bests him. Bored with this whole ordeal we jump back to the trade ship. Upon exiting our ship I notice a bunch of vendor stalls that were not here on the last trip. Cyan approaches us with a message from Mendo, courtesy of the strange troublemaker he has given us a trade balance of 100cr.

I ask about Propus and Pollux and Cyan tells us that they have already left the station but we can probably request a meeting by talking with Jedi Mebsuta. We seek him out and he agrees to get us an audience with Pollux. Five days later we meet with both of them in an office they reserve on this ship. The discussion is primarily about joining forces to fight the Sith. Pollux will consider committing his fleet if we can convince Grand Master Narsus (the bearded fellow). He also states that his brother, Propus, will join if he does. Pollux really doesn't like to meddle in the affairs of others.

With the meeting adjourned I seek out Cyan and invite her for a few drinks. We meet after she's finished with her duties. Some small talk goes on and I ask a few questions regarding Sigma and Phi and how we might locate them for a meeting. Their ship is also a Dual Deck Star Destroyer that goes by the name of the 'Rising Star'. Cyan also states that Sigma is one of the best tacticians out there. I thank her and head back to the ship which Kal has just finished making minor repairs. On two separate occasions I try to contact Sigma telepathically and receive no response in return. We wait for a few uneventful days and decide to depart after receiving no response.

We decide to make another random jump. As soon as we come out of hyperspace a rather large Super Star Destroyer looms overhead and immediately tractors us into the docking bay. We're met by a single man with graying hair who goes by the name Grand Master Frost. Frost states that he has been awaiting our arrival. He wants to know what we're trying to accomplish and we tell him the trust, that we're trying to truly defeat the Sith and restore the Jedi Order. Frost states that he's not aware of any other Sith except in this room, referring to me. More discussion ensues and he offers to take command of our fleet to destroy the Prophet or to send us back in time to fix things. As a gesture of good faith he presents me with a lightsaber that just happens to radiate enough evil to corrupt even the purest soul.

Oblivious to any reasoning that I can come up with, Kal tries provoking Frost. The Dark Master walks up to our ship and punches a hole in the mining laser which agitates Kal even further. My friend Kal makes a few more tries at our hosts patience so Frost brings up Boba Fett's armor and shatters it in front of Kal! At this point Thane and I each grab an arm, lift Kal up and drag him back into the ship.

We set a course for Master Narsis and request an audience. We petition him to join our cause and I present the lightsaber as proof that the Sith still exist. He tells us that he needs to meditate on the matter and it's in our best interest to leave the saber with him (he thinks it will be dangerous in our hands and attract the wrong crowd). We agree to give him time.

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