Monday, February 6, 2012

Talon Journal Entry for 1-27-12

With nowhere else to go we head back upstairs. I make sure to keep a suspicious eye on the group, you never know when someone might shoot you in the back of the head! As soon as we emerge we hear the Sith Spirit resonate in our heads "You're not the Star Killer, I shall bury you in this place!" Immediately the complex starts to shake and crumble apart! We take the turbo lift up and in the next room we hear all of the combat droids marching around and as the saying goes: 'We're between a rock and a hard place'.

The Sith Spirit offers us a second chance and a wall collapses revealing a long crystal tunnel. Completely forgetting the droid death room we rush forward and immediately the wall collapses behind us. Continuing forward the crystal walls slowly turn to a typical cavern walls and we emerge from a cave. Before us is a barren and rocky planet, definitely not the one we were just on. We're all aware that some strange form of teleportation just took place, I'm just hoping that we're still in the same time period.

A few moments go by as we contemplate what to do next and then we notice a shadowy robe clad figure approaching. Immediately I notice five un-activated lightsabers swirling around him. He says: "Ah, he sends us more" and walks away. A few minutes later a shuttle flies in and hovers over us opening it's cargo bay door. With no other alternatives we get in and are taken off world.

Some time passes and we arrive on another planet at a rock quarry. There are tons of men breaking rocks with black robed figures supervising them. One of them moves towards us and refers to Yosa and Kall as our slaves (probably because they're not force sensitive). He instructs them both to disarm and take off their clothes, the gungan does so without blinking. On the other hand Kall throws up a big fuss.

The Sith is obviously displeased with the whole situation and to prevent a really bad situation from manifesting I use the force to raise Kall into the air. Kall quickly realizes the gravity of the situation and reluctantly complies. Jang and I gather up their gear and are led into a large building to take care of formalities. In the entrance hall there are countless malnourished slaves chained up against the wall. As a test of loyalty he wants us to kill. I don't feel good about the whole situation but if we're to get out of here alive what's a slave or two?

I walk up to a few of them and focus my hatred of people who talk in the theater into the force. The power of my emotion kills six in an instant! The Sith doesn't seem too impressed but considers the act satisfactory. I step aside and Jang moves up to fire a barrage of force lightning into one, killing it without effort. Then he turns to the other side and uses the force to slam into another three, creating more causalities. The Sith leads us away.

As we're walking I hear Starkiller's voice in my head. He offers me a final chance to join his side. The proof of loyalty being that I have to kill a close friend. I don't like the test but the alien has been ticking me off so I walk a little slower so I'm behind him. I hesitate for a moment but activate my lightsaber and brain Jang! He staggers forward from the strike and fires lightning at me. I hold up my hand gathering up the eldritch energies and fire it back at him! He gets hit and I follow up by using force slam to strike him again. He reels in pain and fires another blast of lightning at me and I rebuke it effortlessly. This time I focus my hatred into the force and the power of that attack is enough to take him down. Jang is still alive and I have to finish the deed so I walk up to him. A smirk crosses my face as I look down at the helpless alien and with a swift swing I end the life of a friend.

The next twenty days pass quickly since I'm treating like a king, this place is like a Sith Spa. Our flight arrives just as I'm walking out of the complex smoking an expensive cigar. I gather up Kall and Yosa and during our flight to the Star Destroyer 'Starkiller' I let them know that Jang didn't make the cut… or did he!? Muahahahaha!

Once aboard we're escorted to a large audience chamber that is empty except for Starkiller who sits on a throne. We're given a simple task, to act as envoys and deliver a chip to the Mandalorians. Easy enough, we go to the transport and are greeted by a human Jedi who goes by the name of Thane. He joins our group and we depart to the rendezvous coordinates. After arriving we're eventually hailed by the Mandos, they want full disclosure of our craft's contents (including personnel). We give it to them and of course they have a problem based on past 'dealings'. We give the com over to Kall who considers himself a Mandalorian. Some negotiating goes on and the speaker reveals himself as Mandalore, woopidoo. Kall whispers sweet nothings into Mandalore's ear and he agrees to take the chip (which details the rebellion's attack plan on the Death Star). With the trade complete we take off.

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