Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Game-A-Week: 7th Sea

So this section is a little weird to write, since it's the first game on my list that I do not own. Rough I know, but I love Legend of the Five Rings and this game is stylistically similar. Made by the same people even.

7th Sea (Swashbuckling Fantasy)- 7th Sea is a game of action and high adventure in a world of musketeers, pirates, secret societies and political intrigue. Players take the roles of heroes bent o­n thwarting the plots of knaves and villains, exploring ancient ruins and plundering the treasure fleets of tyrants.

Obviously without the books I can't say too much about this game, but I can certainly say I've had my eyes open for it and I've always wanted an excuse to buy the game. The PDFs aren't that bad at all in price ($12). There is also a D20 version of this published under Swashbuckling Adventures.

Get it here at Drive Thru RPG

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