Friday, February 10, 2012


Human Jedi (3) built by Jason, here's his introduction for the perusal of onlookers. The level one backstory is a bonus of 400 XP.

     I was born on Nar Shadda. My parents used to work for Jabba the Hutt but when they failed a job they got killed. I was sold into slavery and an inquisitor bought me and brought me, that's how I began training to use the force under the empire. I completed my training and worked as an inquisitor for a few wasted years hunting down those Jedi that managed to escape the purge and stay hidden. One of the few we did ketch was an old Master who had spent the rest of his life as a gambler using the force to help with the outcomes of his bets. The hand motions he used to make his bets were what gave him away. We brought him to Vader who killed him. Then it all went to hell when Yoda and Kenobi popped back up and brought the rebellion to our doorstep, Vader turned on us and I went rouge when the inquisitors order was shredded by him. I became a gambler for a couple years until starkiller found me and gave me a choice work for him or die, guess what I chose. Now he wants me to work with an incompetent mandalorian and a just barely competent sith wannabe who spends his time with the other team member's tongue up his ass. How could things possibly go wrong? come on thats right up there with I have a bad feeling about this

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