Monday, February 20, 2012

Talon Journal Entry for 2-10-12

We're called before Star Killer who intends to give us more responsibility, ha ha. We discuss our current situation and the fact that we're in the middle of three warring factions. We formulate a simple suicide plan, lure all the factions into one place for another battle. Kall contacts the Mandalorians, Mandalore in particular. Talks don't go very well but they agree to show up and pick us up if we crash our Star Destroyer into an Imperial Capital Ship. Star Killer agrees to give us command of his Capital Ship and departs (chicken shit).

We launch an attack on an Imperial fleet in deep space with the Rebellion and Mandalorians in tow. Seeing an opportunity to check off an item on my bucket list I decide to pilot the Star Destroyer myself. When we arrive within range our sensors detect a dozen Imperial Star Destroyers. To make things worse we're out of concussion missiles. I take a hit of Vodka and light a cigar.

Excited, I order the ship all ahead flank and it moves forward in a suicide rush! Immediately we take heavy damage as all of the Imperial Capital Ships open up with a full barrage. Our fighters engage the enemy and keep the opposing fighters at bay. We take a few more hits as the Rebels show up to party, luckily for us the Imperials start focusing their fire on them.

Two enemy fighters break through our lines but Kall and Thane manage to dispatch them before they can do any damage. Immediately after that the Rebellion takes down an Imperial Star Destroyer.

We continue our advance with caution, on our scanners we detect a marine drop ship. Kall and Thane move in to intercept and critically damage the enemy ship but that's not enough. It's first boarding attempt fails as I maneuver to avoid enemy fire. We take one final hit that disables our ship, it's 'sinking'. I order the crew to abandon ship and board an escape pod!

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