Monday, February 27, 2012

Talon Journal Entry for 2-17-12

Myself and some thirteen thousand other crew members are adrift in escape pods. To my surprise the Mandalorians and Rebels form up together and target every Tie fighter on the battlefield. Kall and Thane also join up with them.

Both are approaching a squadron of enemy tie fighters and immediately Thane breaks off and accelerates forward! He fires a shot which misses and then evades an attack against him. Right after that his ship gets critically hit and is now terminally wrecked. From a distance Kall takes a couple of pot shots before the enemy squadron converges on him. He flees but the attempt is futile as they gun him down (he did manage to take one down in the process). Out of nowhere a group of Mandalorians swoop in and take out the enemy fighters!

They deploy cables that magnetically lock onto both fighter hulks and start hauling them at full speed toward the nearest Star Destroyer. Once within range they detach them allowing Kall and Thane EVA up to the massive Capital Ship. Once inside they start to make their way to the bridge and Comm me about the situation. I order all life pods to form up on me and we make our way to the new/used Star Destroyer.

Kall and Thane decide it's a better idea to go to the reserve bridge instead. Upon opening the door they quickly realize their dire situation. Instead of a reserve bridge they spy Emperor Palpatine who is surrounded by a dozen or so Red Guard. They flee for the power core.

While running down a long hallway a boarding ship breaches the hull and out steps Vader with five 501st in tow.

Just then I make it to the ship with my crew, the Mandalorians also start landing alongside us. They waste no time in securing the ship for their new 'employers' (the Rebellion). I also wonder why Kall and Thane haven't secured my bridge. I regroup with my Capital Ship crew and give them orders to stand fast while I ascertain the situation. I meet up with Kall and Thane on my way to the bridge. Once there we see that the Mandalorians have already taken care of things. After a short discussion with a Mando he defers us to Vader who is in the reserve bridge, we head there.

Upon opening the door the scene is very surreal as we see the ship contorting into another one, it's some kind of portal. We decide to go through and pass by fourteen corpses (four 501st and ten Red Guard). Once through we figure out that we're in an entirely different ship, in some kind of throne room. There sits the Sith Prophet.

We talk for a bit and are thanked for sowing evil in this universe. He offers us a chance to join to join his side and I refuse, Kall and Thane follow in suit. Instead of killing us we're given three options: he can transport us to the past, present or future. After traveling to the past I'm not impressed with it. I really want to stay in the present and fix things. I'm aware that if we don't stay here the future will be dire since the Rebellion is in bad shape. But the allure of the future, the unknown, is very appealing. After careless consideration and careful thought we decide to go back to the future! Good bye Obi Wan and friends…

Gradually everything contorts and turns to darkness, there is nothing… Then we find ourselves in an escape pod. A few days pass and we're picked up by a large triangular ship. Once aboard we're greeted by twelve Twi'lek Stormtroopers who either don't know Basic language or refuse to speak it. They direct us to a holding cell.

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