Friday, February 3, 2012

The Coming Storm

We finished out last week with a single character death (RIP meatshield), setting up the coming events and the jedi going full Sith.
Early in the campaign I gave an "out" to become an evil group. Since this is a sandbox game I have basically been manipulating the group into several roles where they can fall where they want. Right now they've basically locked themselves on a path since after the comign events start happening, changing sides will be extremely difficult.
The Empire and especially Starkiller's faction know about the attack on the Death Star thanks to the players and their non-understanding of the phrase "loose lips sink ships"and have planned to aid the Mandalorians in attacking the Rebels.
The Rebels will be attacking the Death Star, knowing that the players have now gone to the Empire.
The Mandalorians will be trying to kill off the Rebels while trying to push through them to make sure the Death Star is destroyed.
In the end, the winner is not going to have it easy.

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