Saturday, February 18, 2012

Not filler, honest.

So deciding to set up a blog for the group was a pretty easy thing to do. We have a lot of fun stories to share. It also forces certain people to put more effort into writing notes for the session. However actually running the blog for the group is another matter. As you can tell with three authors, we have two people doing all the writing. I've thoguht about adding everyone from the group, but am worried that with more people writing, it might become more difficult to keep everything flowing. We're definitely trying to keep pace with the Monday/Friday updates (although I know sometimes mine are on Saturdays or Sundays) and we try and fill in on Wednesdays whenever we can.

It is basically, just another part of session preparation for me. I have to worry about getting my posts up. I worry about making sure everyone else posts. That's kind of a big downside, especially when you worry about getting everything planned out already. Back when I was in school, it was easy, as an adult not so much.
However the benefits can be very rewarding. Obviously we have people sharing our stories with us and enjoying our work, but even if the only people to read the page is members of our group, they can still see everything from another player/character perspective. It also lets them get into my mind a bit when I plan whats happening and post about it here.
Speaking of which, I need to work on that more.

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