Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Game-A-Week: Legend of the Five Rings

So this next game is one of my personal favorites. I have an almost complete collection of the first edition books and it was the first RPG I really got into. I had previously played Dungeon and Dragons (and Advanced) but never got into it as much as I did with this game.
I've also gotten the second and third editions for the game, but not as many books in my collection, nor do we really play them.

Legend of the Five Rings (Historical Fantasy)- Based on Ancient Japan and China (but not being Ancient Japan of China). Simple system with huge social considerations in play. Take the role of the Samurai caste. Combat is extremely deadly. Can be run in 1st or 4th editions.
Campaign: The Campaign would involve the players getting into a bit of political drama and winter court. It would also involve a possible war and perhaps trips into the Shadowlands or even the Land of the Burning Sands. 

Being my favorite game we've played this one quite a bit over the course of the years. It's also my largest collection of books. I believe I have all if not almost all of the books for first edition. I also find a use for every book when we play. Our adventures have taken us all over the land and battling Scorpion spies, drunken Crab, Oni, ghosts and everything else.
I love the system for the game. The roll/keep system they put in the game is fast and awesome. Characters are easy to make and are almost always going to be effective no matter what, as opposed to some games that it's very easy to make a character that is horrible at everything.
There is also a D20 version of the game for those familiar with that system. I believe most of those books were published under the second edition heading.

You can find all the first edition books here, on Drive Thru RPG. They have other editions, but that one goes directly to the first edition.

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