Monday, February 13, 2012

Talon Journal Entry for 2-3-12

On the way back to our capital ship I feel enlightened and dismantle my old lightsaber only to reconstruct it in a manner that suits me better. Upon arrival we immediately notice that the ship has been stocked full with fighters, as if preparing for an assault. My speculations are correct, as soon a we dock we're each assigned Tie Interceptors. The Star Destroyer jumps immediately as we prepare for combat.

As soon as we come out of hyperspace we see several Mon Calamari Cruisers, the Executor, and tons of Imperials (including the Death Star). Soon after that we see tons of hodgepodge of fighter craft and two Mandalorian Capital ships. We're tasked with thinning out the X-Wings and launch.

Kall, Thane and I engage three X-Wing fighter craft! During our approach Kall gets hit with a missile and then a fierce battle ensues. One of their craft manages to withdrawal as we take the other two out. We've all taken damage and my craft is barely staying together so we decide to head back to switch out our craft. Three fresh X-Wings enter the field as well as three Mandalorians which approach us. We decide to continue with our withdrawal and I manage to easily dock with the Star Destroyer. Both Kall and Thane struggle to find a safe docking vector.

The Death Star fires and destroys a Mandalorian Capital Ship!

The docking bay is in shambles and the force field that was holding in atmosphere is no longer functional. I get out of my Tie and search for a fresh craft to rejoin the battle with. Through coms I hear that our shields are barely holding and that we've taken significant damage. The Star Destroyer fires another shot and takes out a Rebel Capital Ship! As I'm running our ship rumbles as it's hit from enemy fire. There's a huge explosion as the rebels take down an Imperial Star Destroyer.

Our Star Destroyer fires a barrage of concussion missiles that pound the last Mando Capital Ship, it's destroyed! I make it to another bay and find a few Tie Fighters, an Interceptor and a Bomber. Desiring better armament I hop in the bomber and start the preflight procedure. There's more large explosions as a Rebel Capital Ship goes down as well as the Death Star! The preflight for my bomber is complete, on the radar the IFF switches the Mandalorians and Imperials from friendly to enemy, it's Star Killer vs all now!

Kall makes it to the hanger and starts the preflight for the Interceptor and a Fighter for Thane. Thane on the other hand wanders around the ship like an idiot, he's going for the dumbest Jedi of the year award. Instead of launching we stay aboard since our ship is fleeing because of battle damage. We've taken some losses but most of our fighters make it back. The Rebels are in the best shape and have won this skirmish. Our ship jumps out of the system.

We're met by a flight officer conducting damage assessment, we learn that there are two Rebel Capital Ships left including the Executor. The Emperor is also alive. To finish the job we need to lure all the parties into one place again. Part of the plan involves sending Thane off to meet an agent with the Bothan Spy Network to deliver one of my lightsabers and a data chip. This will help lure the Rebels in. Mandalore will hunting Kall personally for the betrayal and the Empire hates us anyways.

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