Saturday, March 31, 2012

NPC Spotlight: Jedi Mebsuta

A minor player in the game but still fairly important. If not for himself, but for who he works for.

Jedi Mebsuta works for Pollux and Propus, two interesting characters. Mebsuta himself is a younger human male, that performs the day to day tasks of two brothers. While he is their apprentice, he seems to do more actual work then his masters, and knows more about what is going on in the ship.
Physically he's unassuming and blends in. Not very large, wears a uniform rather than robes. He has brown hair and brown eyes. He's often seen carrying a datapad, making notes as he goes. The young jedi does what he can to keep an eye on the more experienced masters.
His personal craft is a small diplomatic transport vessel, used to move him about the fleet of Pollux and Propus as well as allow him to get to various other locations, such as The Verde or other ships he needs to meet with.
There's of course debate on whether Mebsuta runs the show, or if he's just really good at tending to the work needs of the brothers.

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