Friday, March 30, 2012


So I am adding a few new abilities to the game to help out the players and add some more detail to the setting. These will be helpful to add a few more setting based abilities. More will hopefully come later.
Blind Jump: The character is able to jump blindly with slightly better precision and much more safety. Normally a character has a -10 to the roll for jumping blindly, with this talent, the player does not take the negatives, but still does not get a chance to re-roll a failed check.
Feats :
Pup: The character is considered a Pup among the Dogs. This allows him a degree of respect among the dogs. It also allows the character to progress in the ranks of the Dogs and can gain access to certain role playing rewards. Deals for equipment will be easier, especially with a Dog present.

Dog: (Requires Pup OR access to Dog Heritage) This rank allows a player the full respect of the Dogs and will be able to progress into the ranks of the Hounds. This rank will allow certain role playing rewards. Dealings to purchase armor and weapons will be easier as people will trust you to behave.

Hound: (Requires Dog and Force Sensitive OR access to Dog heritage and Force Sensitive): Gives a +5 to Use the Force rolls to track people with Force Sensitive.

Bloodhound: (Requires Hound, level 15): Gives an additional +5 to track force users.  Also allows character to find anyone hiding from navigation systems.

Nav Cloak: Gives a -10 to anyone trying to find you by using Use the Force. Also allows the character to hide from navigation systems.

Special Rewards:
Dog Heritage: Allows access to different rewards based on the Dogs and their culture.
Sith Heritage: Allows access to Sith and Dark Side powers and classes.

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