Saturday, March 24, 2012

NPC Spotlight: Darth Cyan

This week we're covering a fairly new NPC to the campaign, but one of the most helpful we've seen. Her ship is the ISD Verde, an ISD with the front end replaced with a bigger docking ring creating a space for open trade.

Darth Cyan is a moderately powerful jedi, but we've not yet seen her perform in combat of with force powers. The good part of her operation is that it allows many people to get together and trade in a non-violent place. Of course some violence happens, but they try and and keep it to a minimum and when it does happen, they like to keep the fights to a formal challenges. 

The set up of the docking ring has room to set up trade stalls right outside of the ships, allowing of easy transport from ship to ship. Beyond that is a larger area room for fight cages and challenge rings. Most importantly there's an attached bar here and overlooking hotel accommodations.
As an ISD the ship naturally has many batteries of turbo lasers and such, but also has a great selection of small fighters ready to launch at a moments notice, making it an extremely tough ship to fight.
Cyan has been smart enough to create a form of trade credit, by selling supplies directly to the Verde, traders can deal with each other with a form of escrow. Cyan releases the goods in an almost equal exchange back to traders, taking a small profit. This keeps profit coming in for Cyan and The Verde as well as making things slightly easier for traders with multiple trades, meaning one shipment off the vessel and one back on.
Cyan herself looks humanoid, but her hair is lime green and her skin is pink. She is always social and welcoming with visitors and has never turned a ship away from docking with her. She has even been rumored to have had Grand Master Xai aboard the Verde.

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