Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Game-A-Week: Camp

We took a little break to play some board games after we finished up with Star Wars the other week. This is the first of the games we played: Camp.

The game promises to grow with you, for ages 4+. So naturally they have 4 levels of play. Edward Teach played on level 1 and 3 at various points while everyone else played on level 4. Level one questions are for small children (i.e. What color are bears not? Brown, White, Purple) while the level 4 are for people with nothing better to do than read the cards all day long. Oddly, level 3 seems geared specifically at fishermen.

So we played the game, I took first place and Teach took second.
Would I play the game again? Yes, with small children, not with adults (or a mix). The game just wasn't fun with 4 adults playing despite claims that it grows with you. Again though, I would gladly play it if my niece wanted to play, but my friends and I will never say "Let's bust out Camp!"
For the more outdoors inclined people, this may be more interesting.They do also make an expansion that adds more questions and fun facts. There is a travel edition out as well (easier to take to camp I suppose).

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