Saturday, March 17, 2012

NPC Spotlight: Knight Koosh

Saturday seems like as good of day as any to drop this new feature. I started it on Monday to fill in and it's been getting a lot of traffic. For this installment we're going to get away from the major characters and fill in a bit of the background, starting with Knight Koosh.

First off, yes he is named after Koosh (tm) Balls from the 90's.
Second, he is a force user and he is an Ewok.
So when I designed him I didn't have a name, but I wanted to throw something at the players they hadn't seen before. Since the PCs are from around the Battle of Yavin, they haven't seen Ewoks (which first appeared at the Battle of Endor).
Naturally I wanted him to give the feeling of what they were up against as soon as they saw him. So he is quite a man for show. He sits on a huge throne, with a massive stair case up to him. He hides in robes. He has black fur and red markings.
So far he pretty much just does whatever he's told as long as he sees it as being able to protect his ship. Deep down he cares about people, especially those on his ship.
His ship is the ISD Drudger. It's largely Twi'lek with Ewoks and several other races. The security force is mostly Twi'lek, so they often only speak in their own language while on duty.

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