Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Game-A-Week: Necessary Evil

This next one is part of a great series by Pinnacle Entertainment in their Savage Worlds game. There is a plot point campaign in the back that was updated in the Explorer's edition (this one goes to 11). There are also pregenerated characters included in the book.

Necessary Evil (Post-Modern Supers)- If all super heroes were destroyed, and an alien invasion threatened everything on Earth, who could stop them? As a villain, the characters struggle, as to continue being the bad guys, they must save the Earth from this menace threatening them all.
Campaign: A Savage Worlds Plot Point campaign leading the players in the war for survival as villains in a world without heroes.

This game is fun to run and fun to play. I love the simple ease of all Savage World games. The one tricky part for me was Super Sorcery characters. I never quite got a good feel for how that worked in this game. With a new group, I would love to play this again with the plot point. Even without the plot point campaign, the setting is still cool, and even without the setting the super hero stuff is still cool. For a $20 book, that's pretty good. Unfortunately it might be out of print as Amazon doesn't offer it new and used books are marked at $40. Fortunately you can get the PDF at Drive Thru RPG for $15.

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