Monday, March 5, 2012

Talon Recap Beginning to 1-27-12

 This is a look into what got Talon to where he is. A blast from the past and a not so quick recap. I hope you all enjoy reading it as much as Black Iniquity and I have enjoyed getting him there.

Way in the Past

Talon was selected by the Jedi order at a very young age since he had an affinity to the force. For years he trained in the ways of the Jedi and had a bright future with the order until the purge. Little did he know that the purge was simply the beginning of a long journey filled with many opportunities, adventure and danger.

A few weeks after the Jedi bashing began Talon found himself on a station waiting for his instructor at a bar. Unbeknownst to him, the instructor was already murdered by imperials and they were about to close the noose around his neck. Pairing up with a drunken Mandalorian wanabee they escaped with their lives and a new ship. At this point it's easy to say that his primary motivation is survival but he would like to restore the just fallen Jedi Order.

Talon and his new found companion Kall find themselves wandering forward in the dark with no direction. If that isn't enough they also have the Empire hunting them down! So, for a while they search for work to maintain their ship and Talon quickly finds out that Kall is very lacking in 'people skills'. Eventually they pick up a Zabrak who is also not very social and needs a lot of work on his discretion. Their exploits eventually take them to Dantooine where Talon meets a Jedi by the name of Falon Grey. He spends some time training with him and learn a few things, just before the Empire arrives. They agree to help him out by taking a convoy of civilians off world while he stays behind to fight.

Something goes wrong with the hyperdrive and wrecks the ship, they're forced to launch in the only escape pod. The group crash lands on some backwater planet that has an imperial outpost. Unforeseen circumstances lands them an opportunity to actually work for the Empire, which they reluctantly accept. For a while Talon and his friends do odd jobs for them and enjoy some of the benefits that the Imperial navy has to offer. One mission is set on an unnamed planet with the task of shutting down a rogue droid factory. Once there a Jedi Master and a Veteran Trooper reveal themselves and give us an opportunity to leave the Empire. The decision is unanimous and with the use of their existing Imperial ships they fake their deaths. The Master gives them a run down transport and as soon as they engage the hyperdrive something goes terribly wrong.

In the not so Past but Waaaay in the Past

Talon and his misfit group of outliers not only find themselves lost in space, but also in time! Once again their ship is damaged beyond repair and the have to launch in escape pods. The world is torn by war and a cloud of vile wickedness approaches the group. Deciding to live and fight another day they head in the opposite direction and find an abandoned transport ship, it's in good condition too. After checking the ship's records they discover their hyperspace jump has landed them 3,000 years into the past! Not knowing really where to go they head to Dantooine and are met by the Enclave. Nothing of great importance happens here but they point the group to Yavin 4.

They're met by a Sith Apprentice soon after landing and he makes quick work of the group without laying a finger on Talon. After combat the Apprentice agrees not to kill everyone and they're led to a Sith Temple where a Prophet wants and audience with Talon. After a short discussion a deal is made and Talon accepts instruction in the Sith Tradition. After a few weeks the training is over with and a new Sith Lord emerges! Muahaha! The Sith Prophet guarantees a safe journey back to their time period so long as they take him with them. The group accepts and once they're back the Prophet is dropped off on Yavin 4 (in the current time).

The Altered Present

Talon and his group of friends quickly find out that the Empire is aware that they're still alive, the Empire is not happy about this (Their blown cover was caused by a Zabrak). The group flees and is quickly picked up by an employer who is very generous, the rebellion in it's early stages. On particular mission is to destroy an Imperial base, planet-side. The first attempt doesn't go very well and Kall has a Jet Pack accident, the force had nothing to do with that one, I swear! The second time they attack the base they're successful in it's destruction. Upon fleeing They're pursued and take heavy damage. In desperation they perform a blind jump! Something goes wrong as they graze past a black hole and dense cluster of stars. There is irreparable damage to the structure of the ship and blue smoke oozes out from the hyper-drive.

Back to the Future

Using the back up drive another jump is performed and after 48 days they come out of hyperspace to Alderaan. The only problem with the picture is that Alderaan is no longer there, only tons of planetary fragments! Once again the group finds their ship barely able to limp forward. After a while a ship called the Midnight Star boards docks with them and the group goes with them. Circumstances lead to Talon and his friends being in the hands of the Mandalorian Protectorate. Their short stay with the Mandalorians amounts to nothing since Mandos are brutish, stupid and smell funny.

During one mission set on Dantooine Talon and friends are met by five robed figures wearing storm trooper armor. After a short exchange the group goes with them to the Star Destroyer; The Executor. They learn that Vader has atoned for his sins and Joined forces with Yoda, Luke and Obi Wan. The group stays with them for a while training no only themselves but also new recruits. At one point they sneak away and meet the Star Killer. He offers them the universe as long as they join his side, Talon and friends put off their decision and leave.

Aboard the Executor the group keeps receiving messages from Star Killer and finally they answer. The vague message has them land on the planet Parculus Minor, a war torn world that's barely able to sustain life. They're exploration leads them to an ancient subterranean complex that's full of modified booby traps and death.

After what seems like days of exploration and a few close calls they manage to trap themselves in the deepest confines of the place. There they encounter an ancient Sith entombed in a crystal. They also find a Dark Side Temple with a four year old corpse of Star Killer, Talon doesn't know what to make of it. Upon exiting the ancient Sith loses it and starts bring the place down! The group flees for their lives and in a twist of strange luck a crystalline tunnel opens up, courtesy of the entombed Sith. The tunnel is some kind of portal and on the other side, a barren and rocky planet.

The Dark Side has Cookies!

A powerful Sith is there and gives the group transport to a Dark Side occupied world. Once again Talon and his misfits land themselves amongst the forces of evil. They're dropped off at a rock quarry and are separated by force sensitive and non-force sensitive. Both Talon and Jang are led into a large audience chamber where they both have to kill a few helpless slaves. With that finished they're led away, Star Killer contacts Talon and gives him one final chance to join him. The only thing he has to do is kill a close friend. Since Talon is not fond of aliens he walks up behind Jang and brains him with a lightsaber! A short and futile battle ensues which results in Jang's lifeless and cauterize corpse to be sprawled on the ground, ha ha.

The days pass by quickly as Talon is treated like a king and his underlings are busy in the quarry, learning their place. Finally, they take off in a luxury transport and dock with Star Killer's Star Destroyer. There, they learn about the plan to lure the Mandalorians, Rebels and Empire into one large battle.

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