Monday, March 26, 2012

Talon Journal Entry for 3-9-12

After a long, hard and sweaty training session with the apprentice, Knight Kyla pulls me aside. She tells me that she trusts me and reveals a real Jedi Holocron. Both Fae and Kyla know that the current traditions are wrong since they draw their power from emotion and hatred and want to follow the true Jedi traditions. I offer any assistance I can since I am well versed in both Jedi and Sith traditions. I'm very excited since this is my chance to rebuild the Jedi Order! I also ask her about the force blades and learn that they pull energies from the user rather than a battery.


I wander around the ship for a little bit and eventually find myself up on the bridge. There I find Fae concentrating on the mining operations so I decide to meditate instead of bothering her. After a while I find that our resident gungan has woken up so I try to catch him up on what's happened so far. Both Kall and Thane make it difficult for me to speak so I wander off and find the apprentice training. I join her again and after a while Fae walks in and has a brief conversation with me. The mining operation will be complete in a few days and they'll be jumping out of this area, her ship is also at our disposal. She also wants us off the ship since we can't hide our force presence.

With our fuel and food stores replenished we depart to the weakest force 'blip'. The trip is smooth and we come out of hyperspace to find a large Hammerhead class Cruiser with several other craft flying around. On the comms we're asked "Who challenges Master Graud"? I look at Thane and tell him "it's your turn to handle this one". Thane accepts the challenge and we dock. We're met by a heavily scarred human who asks the challenger to step forward, Thane complies.

The arena is a large caged dome with cruel spikes pointed inward. Thane enters and is offered the chance to state terms. He declares force powers only and a blood coated wookie drops from the ceiling. Graud gets the jump on Thane and blasts him with metallic shards! Thane fires back with his signature lightning attack only to have the wookie deflect it without effort. Graud's next attack intrigues me, he uses the force to cause friction in the air around Thane, setting him on fire! Before he collapses into a charred and bloody heap, Thane manages to hit the wookie with a lightning attack. Graud walks up, roars and lifts Thane's unconscious body overhead. We're asked if we want to trade anything for the slave.

Reluctantly, I step forward after consulting my other two allies and make a double or nothing offer. If I win we take Thane back, get provisions and can snag a part here or there if we wish. If Graud wins, he gets our ship. I already know this is a bad idea but I wouldn't feel right if I just handed over an ally to a furry without a fight, even though he's a former inquisitor. I step in the ring and Graud declares fists only, my thoughts on the matter can be summed up as #$%@!!! I won't go into any great detail so I'll let your imagination figure out how a fist fight between a human and a raging Sith wookie went (brutal). On the verge of death I yield and Graud roars! I drag Thane's unconscious body out of the ring and Kall walks over and takes his lightsaber. Since I'm in no condition to fight I protest, Kall pockets the saber.

We're asked by the scarred human if we would like to barter anything (as we're watching a bunch of jawas go through our ship). Kall gives up his personal computer, jet pack and a blaster pistol. I give up a spare lightsaber and that seems to be enough to get our ship back. We waste no time and leave. We make two more jumps and it quickly becomes apparent that scrap metal is the currency.

We decide that we need to defeat the Crystalline Sith to help tip the balance in the favor of good. We set a course to the Ewok Jedi and are warmly greeted by a dozen soldiers upon docking. The familiar uniformed Twi'lek meets us and gives us five tons on scrap metal (from our escape pod). We're granted another audience with the Ewok and I talk about rallying forces to fight against the Crystalline Sith and Master Shou. As a sign of trust the Ewok reveals his name to be Koosh. He is now an ally and will aid us in our fight.

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