Friday, March 23, 2012

Getting Into It

Finally we're seeing some action in Star Wars. Not that it hasn't been exiting up until this point, but in the new timeline and the new era, the progress has been slow.

The group found some ideas of what's going on but has just finally put them into a plan they can get behind. The group is working on bringing together ships to face off against the Prophet. Of course we have a ways to go before that can happen. For starters, they're still a bit low level compared to the other ship captains they're running into.
But the group manages on, gaining friends and working themselves into the good graces of the other captains. We're slowly putting this world together, getting more ideas about how things work. The group even seems to have found a hot spot for trade. They've met more captains and have heard names from even more. At this point they have at least 3 ships willing to help their cause, although at least one of those is not willing to risk an assault and another is a ship full of mechanics.
Just to name drop, we currently have Darth Fae, Darth Mendo and Knight Koosh willing to help with the plan. Other captains the group has met are Grand Master Xai, Master Cyan, Master Grod and Master Sigma. In addition they're met several apprentices to these captains.  They're also heard mention of at least two other captains, so lets hope their notes are on par with keeping track of the people they need to meet and how they have heard of them. Friends are useful.
So three down and a lot more to go. In order to take on a fleet of fleets and a conglomeration of Super Star Destroyers controlling them all, this group will need everything they can get.

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