Friday, March 16, 2012

Sunday Gaming

So I've got the whole Sunday thing figured out (almost). I've managed to wrangle four people that are interested and can attend the game.A fifth would be better, but we get by with what we have.

So the line up will be Invictus as my anchor man in a Dungeons and Dragons group. I know he's experienced and I can keep him in line well. I also know we get along and we can do well working off each other in a game. I also know he can play any character type well to fill in for the group.
Curtis will take up the secondary spot in the group. I am not familiar with his play style, but I know him well and we get along. I have good faith with these two people in the group.
The third and fourth people I don't know personally and have only met one of them prior to this. They are friends of Curtis though, so it won't be too bad. We may settle on getting a fifth member brought Invictus, but this is a group for Curtis.
The game we'll be playing will be Dungeons and Dragons (3.5). I haven't picked out using World's Largest Dungeon or Return to the Temple of Elemental Evil.  I figure I can keep this up about every first and third Sunday of the month. Starting out once a month though, to get the feel and flow of everything.

Next up for the second Sunday of the month would be the Necromunda game I've been talking about. Invictus and some of his friends are interested and I believe Curtis might be as well (maybe some of his friends too). I just need to get a large group of people together and start making some terrain and I'm set.
I have something like 5 gangs worth of miniatures (Orlocks, Scavies, Goliath x2, and tons more). Not to mention lots of Judge Dredd, Imperial Guard and Starship Troopers miniatures to fill in the ranks.

What this will mean for the blog would be another post every week. Or even better posts. Necromunda games mean a lot more pictures. A Dungeons and Dragons game might mean another writer posting journals or summaries. So This thing might explode to almost seven days a week. Our little blog is growing up so fast.

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