Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Game-A-Week: Dungeon Dice

First off, happy Pi Day everyone. Secondly, happy White Day to our Japanese follows.
This weeks game is Dungeon Dice. An older board game from way back in 1977, many years before any of our group was born.

This game is fun. We played it once and almost had a winner in the first round. It's basically a risk and reward game similar to Cosmic Wimpout (a game I'll probably cover later).
You can barely make it out, but Black Iniquity won that game, with me close behind. Jason got the hang of the game pretty quick though and learned to use challenges to set other players back while getting himself ahead.
The general idea of the game is to match dice and you get game pieces depending on the types of matches. Getting Guard matches is bad (except in challenges), getting anything else is good. You lose any pieces you've gotten already if you fail to get a match on a roll. So, VERY similar to Cosmic Wimpout there too.
Great game, for almost $30 on Amazon? Probably a pass from me. If you could get it for closer to ten dollars, I would consider it.


  1. Somehow, I can tell this post got pushed back a couple weeks.