Monday, March 19, 2012

Talon Journal Entry for 3-2-12

We're met by a uniformed twi'lek and after a brief conversation we learn that the year is 329 of the New Galactic Calendar. He then leads us to a great chamber where their commander sits high up on a throne. It looks like a small furry creature wearing robes, the dialect it speaks is just as foreign as this place. Much to our relief the twi'lek translates for us. Right away we learn that they have no concept of planets as all were destroyed in the war between the Jedi and Sith. According to him the Jedi eradicated all of the remaining Sith at the end of the war. If that's so, what is this lingering dark side presence I feel? Much of the old technology has been lost and ships are entirely dependent on Jedi for long distance travel as nav computers are a relic of the past. Our interpreter reveals the race of our host, an Ewok. After a few more questions he walks down to get a closer look at us.


He then consults a holocron and there stands a black robed holographic figure. The figure looks at me and says in Sith "You are the one" (Strange…). After a few more questions with the device I learn that the Sith actually won the war, wiped the Jedi from existence and took on their name. There are countless Sith spread out across the world-less void. All the while the Ewok is astonished that I can understand the language. He also determines that we cannot stay here since we're unable to hide our 'force presence'. Out of generosity he gives us a modified blockade runner and sends us off on our 'Destiny'.

Onboard we survey our new digs. The craft is a modified luxury liner with weaponry and is in decent shape. The real issue is that our nav computer is shot and the only way to safely engage a hyperspace jump is for a force user to focus on another force user, much like radar blips. We decide to go to the strongest blip and after a fairly rough jump we see what looks to be four Super Star Destroyers held together by crystalline formations. We also notice may other ships but none of them make a move towards us. As soon as we start approaching the other ships follow suit and close in. Kall starts rambling in a bunch of languages to try and communicate, after a moment we remind him to switch the radio on (sigh). Before we can jump out we're surrounded.

Unable to escape, a mobile shipyard moves up and grapples our ship! We fire a shot at one of the grappler arms which is futile because of it's heavy shields. Just then a torch punctures our airlock so we bail out in an escape pod! Our pod is almost immediately captured by a tractor beam and docked onto the shipyard. To our surprise there are no armed guards and we find our way to the helm without incident. There are several gungans operating this ship and after an exchange of words they send us off in a transport shuttle to meet the boss (they also repair the hole in our ship's airlock). The shuttle docks with a large triangular ship and we're met by a black armored figure who goes by the name of Grand Master Shou (he's a douche). I negotiate with him to get our ship back and we waste no time in esc- I mean departing.

We pick another blip to jump to and after another rough ride we pick up visual scanning, there's an asteroid field being mined by many small craft and a large Capital Ship looming in the background. On the comms the Cap. Ship asks about trading and if we're here to challenge the resident Jedi. So I declare myself a Grand Master Jedi and challenge them. I also offer Kall as a mechanic so we can hopefully get some repairs done on our ship. My challenge is accepted and we dock

Immediately we notice that the docking area doesn’t have any droids, everything is handled by personnel. A small area is cleared and a white line is chalked in for the fight. I'm given a few moments to prepare myself and then enter the ring. A figure wearing green robes walks up and introduces herself as Darth Fae. She has red hair and formfitting body armor, not bad I say! She declares the terms of the battle to be force blades only and I accept. I ignite my lightsaber and ready myself. She draws energy and forms a blade from her force saber, this intrigues me. To put it simply and not go into too many details, the battle is epic and the most difficult saber duel I've experienced in a while. At the climax of the duel she stops her saber near my throat and tells me to yield. I know that I could kill my opponent since her wounds look much more severe than my own but I have no desire to since she could be a potential ally later on. I switch off my lightsaber and yield.

Just then Kall feels greedy and takes aim at her! With deadly accuracy she launches her force saber and strikes him down! To make another long story short, a lesson is not really learned and he yields. She questions us about our origins and the conversation is similar to the one we had with the Ewok. We're told that this vessel supports around thirty to thirty five thousand people. We're also given a brief tour of the place and after that I offer to spar with her. She declines and defers me to her apprentice. I accept the offer and find the apprentice to be a silver-haired beauty in her twenties.

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