Saturday, March 10, 2012

Flatpack Introduction

There we were. I printed the character sheets and got ready to play Flatpack.
The game was pretty interesting to say the least, once I made up enough rules to make it work.

The rules were rather vague in the demo game. And by vague, I mean from what I understood the dice rolls were all impossible, needing a roll of a 7 on a D4 or a D6. So I changed that to a 4 and off we went.
The adventure was VERY fun and easy. The system was simple. Instead of experience you gain achievements that boost your abilities and let you hack the rules slightly to help you.
In the coarse of the adventure we had puzzles to solve, rolls to make and pictures to draw. Yes, part of the adventure called for the players to draw a picture to prove they have souls and thus are human and not robots.
Here they are, they were all done independently despite two being almost identical. One player drew a Arby's logo (poorly) and one just put a swastika on the page. Guess who doesn't have a soul?

You can grab this adventure/demo at Drive Thru RPG.

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  1. Picture didn't come across very well with the pencil and lighting and all. You can make out them well enough, especially the swastika Jason drew.