Saturday, March 3, 2012

The Experiment

So we're about four or five months into this so far and I think it works great for me. Since I can see the player views of my game and can adjust things based on this. Normally as a game master I am limited by what my players tell me. Sometimes I would hear things like "so and so said they felt totally lost with the plot" and I could adjust to that, but this way I no longer have to rely on someone coming to me about it.

I think the communication is pretty important to a good game. I am constantly working to make things challenging but not too hard in terms of fights and puzzles, but plot is harder to grasp when they're getting it or not. Sometimes the players are just following each other, sometimes they follow the clues, but nothing is better than that moment when everything just clicks for the players and they figure out where all your pieces have been falling.
I suppose I'm having a bit of a Zen moment. But I think this blog is going to help at least one player come to the conclusions that need to be reached in order to fully enjoy the unfolding events. Tough choices are going to need to be made and a better understanding of events will help make a better choice for them.

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