Monday, March 12, 2012

NPC Spotlight: The Prophet

Filling in for Black Iniquity, as he is taking the weekend off. So I'm introducing the most useful resource for my players this yet. Hopefully this will also be useful for other Game Masters out there to help build NPCs as well.
First up, we're going to cover the most essential non-player character in the campaign, the mastermind behind it all, The Prophet.

The Prophet is an insanely strong dark side user, aligned with the Sith. He was originally roughly on par with Palpatine but with several unique powers, namely he started with the ability to charge a hyperdrive to move itself in time and space. This ability is fairly limited and has only been seen used on two occasions (both involving the players). A modified version of this allowed the players to access one location from another by warping space. This didn't require a hyperdrive, but it was on two similar star ships and only covered a short distance. This version has been seen once.
It is believed he has gained a new fairly unique power. This power is one of immortality, but in exchange encases the user in crystal to remain for the rest of his eternal life. This power roughly mimics that of a holocron in that an object retains the memories of the creator. The difference being that the object actually holds the creator and still allows them to use their former powers (or at least some of them).
The Prophet first appeared when the players accidentally ended up in the past.  They were greeted by his apprentice, who quickly made short work of the group (See here) leaving only one person standing. Naturally this is the person they want to talk to. His reasoning here is to offer the players an option to the dark side and manipulate the players a bit. The Prophet then gives the players an easy way back by offering to take them back home, as long as he gets to come with.
The players then left him alone and went about there way, only to find him a few years later.
In their new time, history had changed. The Jedi Order was bigger, stronger and ready for a fight with the Empire. Yoda, Kenobi and Vader came out to battle The Prophet, Palpatine and Starkiller. The Prophet did his best to control everyone as he could. Starkiller however brought about a change getting the Mandalorians and Jedi to fight each other as well as the Empire at the same time. Carnage ensued until the battles reached a climax and the players met the Prophet face to face again.
The players were given thanks for causing so much carnage and helping him create so much evil. They were rewarded by being offered to be send in the past or future, or to stay in the present in this horrible world. They chose the future and off they went.
This seemed like a good choice at the time until they found that the Prophet seems to still be around, encased in crystal that covered several Star Destroyers. It would seem the Prophet has other plans here as well.

Sure enough, he seems unbeatable and a fight with him would be silly. Fortunately he's the Big Bad and thus can be beaten, but not until it doesn't seem like such a crazy choice. There's a lot more yet to come from him and we're just starting to gear up towards the climax when the players can finally battle him and restore order with the Jedi path or reign as the new rulers of the Sith in his place.

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