Friday, March 2, 2012

The Reckoning

So with one person in an escape pod, floating away without any desire to be rescued by any capital ships nearby.
The other two manage in a TIE Bomber and a TIE Interceptor.

The rebels and Mandalorians join up in formation and start destroying all the TIEs in the area. Naturally, our heroes in their TIEs stick close to the Mandos, once again selling out their team to try and save their own skin.
The Team (save one, that is sitting in a life boat enjoying the relaxing trip) leaves their escort to attack a group of TIEs. Naturally the most damaged of the team flies straight at the enemy TIE Interceptors and shoots somewhere in their general direction. They quickly space him as his ship rips itself apart underneath him.
The TIE Bomber, now without a support screen tries fleeing from the much faster enemy while taking a few pot shots with missiles, managing to take one out. The three remaining descend on him and destroy his ship as well.
Suddenly the team is brought back into the fight as they get a tow to the nearest Star Destroyer. Bent on rushing in and taking the bridge, they charged in. The headed to the back of the ship to look for the secondary bridge so they could not disturb anyone while they were hard at work.
Instead of that they found Palpatine's audience chamber, and turned around and ran only to find boarding forces blocking their path. They left Vader to deal with Palpitine as their friends life boats boarded the ship with the help of the Mandos.
All together now, the group heads again to find Vader, only to discover a rift created by the Prophet. Heading into the rift they are met face to face once again, with the Prophet. They're offered three choices, be sent back to his time, to be sent back to their ship or to be sent into the future. Naturally the group demanded he give them a space ship and better equipment and send them into the future. So he sent them into a life boat and hurled them far enough that they'll never get in his hair again.

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